Palos Heights Concrete Raising for Safety and Peace of Mind

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A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair received an urgent call from the Superintendent of the Palos Heights School District. The faculty noticed that there was a dangerous sidewalk that looked like a small sinkhole had developed underneath at the elementary school. This was a big concern for the Superintendent because he cared for the safety of children, parents, guests, and staff. He couldn’t take a chance of an accident happening, so he contacted us to see if we could fix the sidewalk immediately. The A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair experts arrived at the elementary school within the hour and looked over the sidewalk. We let him know that he didn’t need to worry, because A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair could provide concrete raising Palos Heights parents can trust to keep their kid’s walkway safe.

The A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair crew went back early the following morning and started the concrete raising. Our team of specialists were able to get the concrete leveled and raised, and provide a stable and secure sidewalk for the kids at the school. Once we were finished the school maintenance staff came out and looked at the perfectly repaired sidewalk, and they were all overjoyed that A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair was able to do the concrete raising quickly and efficiently for their school. Now the kids can enter the school without tripping and falling from the dangerous sidewalk, and everyone is pleased.

Mudjacking and Homewood Concrete Lifting Saves Couple from Car Headaches

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A short time ago, a couple contacted A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair. The couple’s Homewood driveway was looking all out of sorts, and was completely uneven, which was threatening to pop the tires of the homeowner’s and visitors to their home, due to the dangerously sharp corners of the driveway. The owners of the house worked together, side by side in the commercial food industry for many years, and they knew that quality concrete lifting Homewood needs would be best from A1’s mudjacking services.

A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair assured the couple that we would make their driveway safer with our concrete lifting. Mudjacking is a unique technique and repair that A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair specializes in. We can effectively raise sunken driveways without the expensive cost of having a concrete replacement driveway installed. Our mudjacking process includes drilling a series of small, one inch holes throughout the concrete slabs, then we use a hydraulic pump to add limestone slurry underneath the slab once it has been lifted. Once the process is done, then the driveway can be used immediately, which is why many homeowners choose concrete lifting Homewood specialists provide.

The couple came home from work and entered their driveway, and was surprised and ecstatic that the driveway was now safe for their vehicles, along with any guests that arrived at their home. The two can safely park and drive on the surface now, and another bonus is the driveway looks good too!

Cement Repair for Joliet Perfectionist

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An English teacher became fixated with maintaining his home because he really wanted to sell the home so he could leverage his finances for a better property. He had been living in the house, which was an older home, for several years, but he had been really trying hard to maintain it, so he could get a better home that he always dreamed of having. He contacted A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation repair to have us fix the walkway and foundation. The foundation had several cracks, and he knew that this would require a professional to repair it, then the walkway had raised in one area, and it would require mudjacking.

A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation is the cement repair Joliet homeowners turn to for all their professional concrete repairs. We provide affordable solutions for all concrete issues. A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation went to the home, and started working on the foundation first, then when the repairs were a success the crew started on the walkway. Within just a week both repairs were done, and the English teacher was amazed on the difference that the repairs made to his home. He is now planning on putting his home on the market now that he has all the repairs made at his home, and he has achieved many of his financial goals, because he made smart decisions. When his home sells, he plans on purchasing the dream home that he worked so hard in getting.

Chicago Found Crack Repair for Responsible Landlord

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A Chicago building owner started getting into real estate after he retired. He had a successful plumbing career and enjoyed working with people, but after he retired he quickly found out that he would rather work than just sit at home. This is what prompted him to get into real estate. The man purchased a property in Chicago that needed to have foundation repairs done, so the man wanted to hire the best foundation crack repair Chicago could offer him. He called A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair because he had heard so many good things about them from former colleagues and friends still in the industry.

A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation let the customer know that we can easily and permanently repair foundation cracks. We use an exclusive A1 Concrete Leveling process that is patented, and involves a two-step injection using Epoxy and Urethane. With this process the foundation cracks are strong and solid, and the customer would not have to worry about that problem again. The customer was thrilled with the news, and immediately had A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation start the foundation crack repair. The concrete was repaired, and the former plumber’s tenants are safe, and the landlord can relax knowing he won’t have any errant water leakage in the basement on rainy days. This simple crack repair was exactly what the property needed, and the work was done on time and at an affordable price.

Proper Palos Heights Sidewalk for Disabled Homeowner

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A1 Concrete provided a sidewalk repair for a disabled man in a wheelchair in Palos Heights, Illinois. The sidewalk had started to crack and flake, which made it very difficult for the disabled man to retrieve his mail. A1 Concrete wanted to make sure that the sidewalk was safe and functional for him along with anyone else who might use the sidewalk.

The A1 Concrete crew arrived at the home and immediately went to work on the sidewalk repair in Palos Heights, Illinois. Once the A1 Concrete Crew had the sidewalk repaired we informed our customer. He couldn’t believe how quickly and fast we were able to repair the sidewalk. The disabled man continued to thank our crew over and over. The man let us know that before the sidewalk repair it was becoming more and more difficult for him to retrieve his mail, and to even maneuver his wheelchair on the damaged sidewalk.

A1 Concrete will go out of their way to help those in need. We made it a point to have the sidewalk repaired and built it to last for the disabled man. A1 Concrete’s main business is leveling and repairing sidewalks throughout Illinois. We use an environmentally safe slurry that will be hydraulically injected to lift sidewalks back to their original position. A1 Concrete provides affordable, quick, and effective concrete repairs for sidewalks, driveways, and walkways. If your sidewalk needs repair, then contact A1 Concrete today. We offer a no-obligation inspection.

Former Postman’s Tinley Park Foundation Repair

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A1 Concrete received a call from a homeowner in Tinley Park. The homeowner is a former postal service worker. He had just had some landscaping done at his home and noticed a crack in his foundation. He called the company he knew was the number one for concrete repair Tinley Park had to offer. The retiree needed A1 Concrete to repair the foundation before it spread and caused more damage.

The A1 Concrete crew arrived at the home to inspect the foundation and see how bad the crack was. Once we evaluated the crack we determined that we could repair the cracked foundation for the homeowner in Tinley Park. The homeowner was concerned with the foundation and wanted our crew to start immediately, so we scheduled the concrete repair for first thing the following morning.

The A1 Concrete specialists arrived at the home and started using our advanced technology to repair the concrete. We use steel quad power piers safely in the ground around the foundation to provide a stable platform for lifting and repairing the concrete foundation. We were able to successfully repair the concrete foundation by the end of the afternoon, and our crew didn’t disturb any of the new landscaping that the homeowner had just done.

A1 Concrete contacted the former postal worker in Tinley Park to see if he was pleased with our work. The customer said not only was he satisfied with a job well done, but was pleasantly surprised that the concrete repair was done so quickly and affordably. A1 Concrete is the concrete experts for Tinley Park homeowners.

Homewood Driveway Repair Allows Kids to Play Ball

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A1 Concrete was scheduled to do a concrete driveway repair in Homewood, Illinois. The homeowner had a family of four boys. The boys loved playing basketball in the driveway, but the current concrete driveway had several sunken slabs, which made playing basketball a challenge. They only had one choice when they decided they needed the best concrete driveway repair Homewood had to offer. The A1 Concrete crew arrived at the home to repair the concrete driveway. The crew started by correcting the sunken slabs, which can be as dangerous as they are unsightly. It’s a good thing the homeowner called us out when he did, because sunken slabs start cracks, too, which can lead to an expensive overhaul for a concrete driveway.

The A1 Concrete crew had the concrete slabs put into place and the concrete driveway repaired for the homeowners. The four boys were excited to see a smooth driveway. The kids were more excited that the concrete driveway repair was completely finished so they could play basketball on a smooth surface. The homeowner couldn’t have asked to have a better job done on the driveway.

A1 Concrete is the concrete driveway repair specialists that Homewood, Illinois residents can rely on. We use quality products and qualified technicians to deliver the best concrete driveways in Homewood. A1 Concrete is pleased that we could repair this concrete driveway for the boys and family. We are a locally owned and operated business that puts our customers’ needs first. All of our concrete driveway repairs are backed with a warranty, so our customers are always protected.

Mokena, IL Concrete Apron Lifted in Driveway

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A homeowner in Mokena, Illinois called us out to service her home. The homeowner needed to have the apron lifted in her driveway. The driveway was no longer smooth, and unattractive. The employees arrived at the home promptly, then began to start working on the driveway. We were going to do the A1 concrete leveling process, which involves pumping in a limestone slurry mixture to fill the void. We completed the job, and the homeowner came out to look it over. She was very happy with the job completed. We asked her how she heard about our company, and she said at a home show.

A1 Concrete has been the company that Mokena, IL homeowners have trusted for over forty years! We give our customers a warranty and satisfaction guarantee. We also provide other work, which can be viewed on our website, here:

Chicago Sunken Driveway Smoothed Out by Concrete Raising

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We were called out to do a concrete raising for a repeat customer in Chicago. He had us out the previous year to do a stair repair at his home, and now he wanted us to do a concrete raising on his driveway. We gave him a bid, and he hired us right away. Our concrete technicians arrived promptly and on-time to begin the task of raising the concrete that had sunk in his driveway. This could be a tedious task, but our team our specialist at concrete raising. We had the area raised and the driveway looked smooth and great. We are glad he didn’t wait to call because someone could have really gotten hurt in that area. He  left us a review on Google. He gave us an ‘A’ for our quality work, promptness, price and professionalism.

He has been a valued customer of A 1 Concrete. We would like to thank you for allowing us to work on your concrete. A 1 Concrete is your complete concrete company. We supply foundation repair, patio repair, and any concrete repair or replacement.

Chicago Concrete Leveling Is Above and Beyond

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New homeowners called us to their home in Chicago to give them an estimate on their sidewalk concrete leveling. We examined the sidewalk to make sure that a concrete leveling would be a good fix for their un-leveled sidewalk, which it was. We gave the couple our estimate. The couple called A 1 Concrete the following day and scheduled us to do the concrete leveling on Friday, two days away. We arrived on-time, and promptly began the work. We began the drilling of the holes then pumping the limestone-based slurry into the area. We finished the leveling, and let the couple look over our project. They were very happy to know that the sidewalk could be used immediately, and that our work comes with a satisfaction guaranteed. We asked the couple how they heard about our company, and they said they found us on Google, and they had two different companies come do a bid, but our company was the only company that didn’t try to replace the sidewalk, and provided the concrete leveling at a price that they could afford. They said they planned on giving us an ‘A+’ rating on Google, because we were professionals that went above and beyond for their project along with being affordable and prompt.

A 1 Concrete also provides concrete step repairs, driveway repair, patio repair and all concrete repairs. We can handle any type of concrete work. Call us anytime!  To learn more about Chicago’s #1 concrete company, click here!