Chicago Sidewalk Caulking Prevents Water Damage

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A-1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair was called out to Fred in Chicago, IL to give him a bid on some repairs. Fred’s apron to the stoop needed to be lifted two inches along with the sidewalk to be even and match, then caulking around the stoop to prevent water from entering the sidewalk needed to be repaired. We gave him a bid, and he decided to hire our company. We scheduled to start the project a couple days later where our technicians arrived promptly on-time. The technicians began the A-1 Concrete patented process which we pump limestone slurry under the concrete sidewalk to match the stoop. We completed the project ahead of schedule and had the homeowner inspect our work. Fred said the work looked wonderful. We asked him where he found our company, and he said on the internet. Two weeks later, he gave us a review, which said our team arrived on-time and prompt. The employees were courteous, and professional. He received several bids on his work, and our company was most affordable.

A-1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair would like to thank you for trusting us with your home repairs. We are pleased that you were impressed with our work. We would like to remind you that we also do foundation leveling, slajacking, mudjaking and many other repairs. We invite you to give us a call for any other projects.

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Lansing Home Repairs Leveling and Driveway

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We were called to the home of the Johnson’s in Lansing, IL. The home had several problems. The stairs needed to be lifted about an inch as it had sunk, the driveway’s apron to stairs needed lifted along with lifting several sections of the driveway so it pitched from the house. If these problems were left unrepaired, then major damages could have occurred. We gave a bid, and was immediately hired. Our team arrived the next week as scheduled on-time, and began doing our leveling process and patented A-1 process until the project was complete. They are our business neighbors and said we did an outstanding job. They let us know that the team was prompt, professional and our prices was affordable.

Thank you for trusting your home with A-1 Concrete Leveling & Finishing Repair. We value your business, and would like to let you know that we also provide services for mudjacking, slubjacking and other repairs. Anytime you need additional work, then feel free to contact us. There isn’t a job we can’t do. We also provide emergency repairs too!

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Immediate Chicago Concrete Repair and Leveling Relieve Stress

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A-1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair was called out to do a bid for a customer, Raymond in Chicago. He had found us on Google, and was dealing with a few problems at his home. His driveway had sank along with his add on and the apron on his house. These are major problems that should be addressed immediately, and we gave him a bid, and he hired us. We scheduled the concrete repair and leveling for the following week, and arrived promptly on time. We began drilling small one inch holes to pump the limestone slurry to raise the foundation. We filled the void and got the projects level. Once we were finished, we had him inspect our repairs and leveling, and he was pleased with our work. He said our work was outstanding, we arrived on time, and our price was affordable.

A-1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair would like to thank you for trusting with your home. A 1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair also specialize in mudjacking, foundation repair and slubjacking. We are available for emergency repairs too. We can handle any job as there is no job too large or too small.

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Palos Park Family Room Levels Foundation

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We were out in Palos Park, IL to service one of our customers, Mark. He had a serious condition occurring in his father’s home that needed immediate attention. The family room and living room had become unleveled and needed to be leveled with our level and foundation repair process. We gave him the bid, and he immediately hired us for his problem. We leveled the floors with our A-1 concrete leveling process, and the floors had been raised. We completed the project on time, then asked Mark where he found us, and he said he did a search on Google and decided to go with us because of our outstanding reviews. We found out a few days later that he  had left us an amazing review, which said we were affordable, prompt and very professional.

A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair would like to thank you for trusting us with your father’s home. We understand how stressful foundation problems can be. We also provide mud jacking, concrete leveling and slab jacking. There is no job too large or too small. Give us a call today for all your leveling and foundation repair.

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How Long Does It Take for Concrete to Start Sinking into the Ground?

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What causes concrete to sink and how long does it normally take for concrete to sink into the ground? Many homeowners do not realize that concrete can sink into the ground. When concrete sinks into the ground and is left unattended, it can lead to costly repairs.

There are several things that can cause concrete to sink into the ground. A few common causes are the settling of the ground, water, tree roots, and rodents burrowing. Concrete can start to sink into the ground when the soil underneath the concrete has formed a pocket. The pocket can be formed from a natural sloping of the ground where the cement was placed or can form when rainwater gathers under the cement and causes the soil to become unstable. When the soil dries up from the rain water, the concrete will begin to immediately sink into the ground.

How Long Does It Take For Concrete to Start Sinking Into The Ground?

Concrete can start sinking into the ground rapidly if the concrete was placed on soil that was not prepped correctly. Concrete can start sinking into the ground from weeks to years after the concrete has been laid, but there is no definite time period that is set for concrete sinking.

Luckily, concrete sinking can be repaired. There are a two options that a homeowner can choose from for sinking concrete. Mudjacking and concrete raising are excellent options to repair sinking concrete for homeowners, as the process is affordable and quick. Mudjacking is a method that raises the section of the concrete that has sunk. Holes are drilled into the concrete, and a mixture of clean dirt, cement, and water is pumped into the holes that raises the concrete. When the concrete has been lifted to the correct position, the holes can be covered and patched. Mudjacking is an excellent option in repairing sinking concrete.

Polyurethane foam is the second option for repairing sinking concrete. The polyurethane foam is injected into the concrete through holes that are drilled into the concrete. The polyurethane foam expands, and during this process, the concrete is slowly raised. The foam will also fill any voids underneath the sinking concrete. The foam is lightweight and will not retain any moisture. Once the concrete has been raised to the desired level, it will set in thirty minutes. The holes that were drilled will be patched and the concrete will be as good as new.

Homeowners have different options when it comes to repairing sinking concrete. Concrete can start sinking at any time, which is why it is important to regularly monitor your concrete areas in case any maintenance work is need.

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Chicago Concrete Repairs Sidewalk Good as New

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We were called by a couple in the Chicago South area to give an estimate on a concrete sidewalk repair. The couple had a sidewalk that began to sink and was uneven in several areas. Our professional technicians looked over the sidewalk, and noticed that the concrete has sunk with each season, which is common. We gave them our proposal, and they hired us to repair the sidewalk in two days. We arrived at the  home on time, and immediately began to repair the sidewalk by raising the sidewalk instead of tearing up the sidewalk for a complete new one. We had the sidewalk repaired by late afternoon. We let them know that if they had any problem with the sidewalk to just give us a call, but we didn’t see any problem occurring. We asked them how they heard about our company and they said they found us on Google. They said they were going to post a review, and they were giving us an ‘A’ for promptness, professionalism and quality work.

Thank you for trusting your sidewalk with A 1 Concrete. We value you as our customer. We also want to let you know that we do other concrete work too, such as; foundation repair, Slabjacking and driveway repair. Whatever your concrete needs are, A 1 Concrete is your concrete company.

Chicago Concrete Foundation Repairs Hazardous Steps

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We were out in Chicago West to service a customer who called because her stairs had become uneven, and quite dangerous. Not only is an unsightly eye sore for a home, but uneven stairs can be very hazardous and dangerous, too. We provided her with a free detailed proposal for her stairs, and she scheduled us to repair the stairs in two days. We arrived promptly on time, and began to repair the stairs. Luckily she called us when she did, because if she would have waited then the stairs may not have been repairable, and who knows who could’ve fell and she ended up with a hefty lawsuit. We had her stairs repaired the same day. We asked her how she heard about our company, and she said she found us on Google. She decided to go with our company because of past customers that left us outstanding reviews. She said she was very pleased with our work and was going to leave us an ‘A’ review, due to our outstanding promptness, quality work, reasonable pricing and professionalism.

A 1 would like to thank you for trusting our company. A 1 is the largest concrete provider in Chicago. We offer concrete raising, leveling, mudjacking and all types of foundation repair, too. There isn’t a job that our company can’t handle!

Chicago Residential Porch Repair Under Budget

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A couple in Chicago West gave us a call to come out and do a porch repair. The couple showed us their porch and the porch was uneven, unattractive and potentially dangerous. Our customers were not only concerned about the safety of the porch, but they enjoyed having friends over in the evenings to entertain, and they wanted their porch to look nice. We gave the couple our bid, and they immediately hired us and wanted us to start that day. We came out the next morning for the couple, and started leveling out the porch. One area had sunken several inches. It is a good thing the couple called us when they did, as the porch was an accident waiting to happen. We finished the project, and showed the couple the finished porch. The couple said they were afraid that they were going to have to have a whole new porch put in, because another contractor told them they would have to. The couple said our reviews of previous customers said how affordable and great our work was. They actually left us a review that said, “A 1 Concrete was honest. They repaired our porch, and it was affordable in price. Another company told us we had to have a new porch, but we didn’t. A 1 came on time, and showed only professionalism. Our porch is great! Thank you.”

We would like to thank you for trusting A 1 Concrete with your concrete porch repair. We also do concrete leveling, raising, sidewalk repair, driveway repair and all your concrete needs. We are affordable, and there isn’t a job we can’t handle! For more information on our A1 Concrete porch services, click here!

Chicago Slabjacking Patio Success

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Our company was called to Chicago for a slabjacking on a patio for a customer. Our customer was wanting his patio to be even without having to tear the patio apart and start over. We gave  a proposal, and he hired us to do his work the following week. Our team arrived at the home on time, and began to begin the slabjacking to the patio. It’s a tedious task as you are floating a slab in small increments. You really need to know what you are doing to do slabjacking. We finished the project, then had our customer look over the work performed. He was happy with the end results, then promptly paid us. Mr. Hilton said he thought we did a great job, we arrived on time and our prices were affordable. On a rating scale of 1-10, Mr. Hilton said we were a ten!

Thank you Mr. Hilton for giving A 1 Concrete such a high score. We thank you for allowing us to do your slabjacking. We also want to let you know if you need any other concrete work, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. We provide concrete stair repair, sidewalk repair and driveway repairs too.

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New Lenox, IL Concrete Reduces Hazard After Lift

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A customer called us to come out to service his home in New Lenox, Illinois. He received one of our mailers and decided to give us a try. He had several problems going on at his home. He needed the concrete to be lifted by his central air condition, along with the sidewalk by his patio. The patio sidewalk concrete was creating a major problem, because he, himself had already tripped, and he didn’t want someone else to get seriously injured. When we arrived and the team immediately started working.We got the project done, and had the homeowner take a look at our work. He said he was happy with the look, but asked did we offer a warranty in case the concrete did had issues in the future. We gave him the warranty papers for our A1 concrete leveling process, and reminded him that less than one percent has ever failed. We invited him to leave us a comment online, and he did a few days later. The comment said, “A1 did an outstanding job on my patio and sidewalk. I was impressed with the work and the price. The whole crew was courteous, and worked until the job was completed. Thank you for a fine job”.

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