Chicago Mud Jacking Needed for Neigbhorhood Community

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A stretch of sidewalk in the back of the yards neighborhood was needing Chicago mud jacking performed. The customer was a churchgoer who realized that the broken sidewalk was causing people who were coming in for Sunday service to have to walk in the street, which was even more dangerous. They contacted A1 Concrete Leveling […]

Game Store Gets Chicago Cement Repair

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A video game store owner needed to have his sidewalk entrance repaired. The owner had noticed for a while that the sidewalk had slowly started to raise on one side and sink on the other. The owner knew that if he didn’t have this issue fixed quickly that one of his customers or a passerby […]

Concrete Level Chicago is the Right Price

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A parking lot company owner contacted A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation two weeks ago. He said that he one of his Chicago parking spaces had become extremely uneven after some utility work was done by the city. He said that he had been receiving a ton of phone calls from the retail tenants in the […]

Chicago Found Crack Repair for Responsible Landlord

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A Chicago building owner started getting into real estate after he retired. He had a successful plumbing career and enjoyed working with people, but after he retired he quickly found out that he would rather work than just sit at home. This is what prompted him to get into real estate. The man purchased a […]

Chicago Sunken Driveway Smoothed Out by Concrete Raising

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We were called out to do a concrete raising for a repeat customer in Chicago. He had us out the previous year to do a stair repair at his home, and now he wanted us to do a concrete raising on his driveway. We gave him a bid, and he hired us right away. Our […]

Chicago Concrete Leveling Is Above and Beyond

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Check out our recent concrete leveling job in Chicago!

Chicago Sidewalk Caulking Prevents Water Damage

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A-1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair was called out to Fred in Chicago, IL to give him a bid on some repairs. Fred’s apron to the stoop needed to be lifted two inches along with the sidewalk to be even and match, then caulking around the stoop to prevent water from entering the sidewalk needed […]

Lansing Home Repairs Leveling and Driveway

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We were called to the home of the Johnson’s in Lansing, IL. The home had several problems. The stairs needed to be lifted about an inch as it had sunk, the driveway’s apron to stairs needed lifted along with lifting several sections of the driveway so it pitched from the house. If these problems were […]

Immediate Chicago Concrete Repair and Leveling Relieve Stress

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A-1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair was called out to do a bid for a customer, Raymond in Chicago. He had found us on Google, and was dealing with a few problems at his home. His driveway had sank along with his add on and the apron on his house. These are major problems that […]

Chicago Concrete Repairs Sidewalk Good as New

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We were called by a couple in the Chicago South area to give an estimate on a concrete sidewalk repair. The couple had a sidewalk that began to sink and was uneven in several areas. Our professional technicians looked over the sidewalk, and noticed that the concrete has sunk with each season, which is common. […]