Mud jacking in Palos for Local Customer!

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Recently A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair was contacted by the city parks department in Palos. The city parks director said that at one of the public parks a large cement area had partially sunk. He said that it wasn’t as dangerous as it sounded, but it was certainly unsightly. The city parks department called […]

Chicago Sunken Driveway Smoothed Out by Concrete Raising

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We were called out to do a concrete raising for a repeat customer in Chicago. He had us out the previous year to do a stair repair at his home, and now he wanted us to do a concrete raising on his driveway. We gave him a bid, and he hired us right away. Our […]

Chicago Concrete Leveling Is Above and Beyond

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Check out our recent concrete leveling job in Chicago!

Lansing Home Repairs Leveling and Driveway

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We were called to the home of the Johnson’s in Lansing, IL. The home had several problems. The stairs needed to be lifted about an inch as it had sunk, the driveway’s apron to stairs needed lifted along with lifting several sections of the driveway so it pitched from the house. If these problems were […]

Immediate Chicago Concrete Repair and Leveling Relieve Stress

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A-1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair was called out to do a bid for a customer, Raymond in Chicago. He had found us on Google, and was dealing with a few problems at his home. His driveway had sank along with his add on and the apron on his house. These are major problems that […]

How Long Does It Take for Concrete to Start Sinking into the Ground?

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What causes concrete to sink and how long does it normally take for concrete to sink into the ground? Many homeowners do not realize that concrete can sink into the ground. When concrete sinks into the ground and is left unattended, it can lead to costly repairs. There are several things that can cause concrete […]

Chicago Concrete Repairs Sidewalk Good as New

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We were called by a couple in the Chicago South area to give an estimate on a concrete sidewalk repair. The couple had a sidewalk that began to sink and was uneven in several areas. Our professional technicians looked over the sidewalk, and noticed that the concrete has sunk with each season, which is common. […]

Chicago Concrete Foundation Repairs Hazardous Steps

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We were out in Chicago West to service a customer who called because her stairs had become uneven, and quite dangerous. Not only is an unsightly eye sore for a home, but uneven stairs can be very hazardous and dangerous, too. We provided her with a free detailed proposal for her stairs, and she scheduled […]

Chicago Residential Porch Repair Under Budget

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A couple in Chicago West gave us a call to come out and do a porch repair. The couple showed us their porch and the porch was uneven, unattractive and potentially dangerous. Our customers were not only concerned about the safety of the porch, but they enjoyed having friends over in the evenings to entertain, […]

Chicago Slabjacking Patio Success

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Our company was called to Chicago for a slabjacking on a patio for a customer. Our customer was wanting his patio to be even without having to tear the patio apart and start over. We gave  a proposal, and he hired us to do his work the following week. Our team arrived at the home […]