A1 Provides Orland Park Concrete Repair and Restoration for Homeowner

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An Orland Park homeowner needed to have his foundation and driveway evaluated after he had a garage sale and realized the poor condition the base of his home and garage was in. She never realized before that the driveway had an area that was raised, because she worked so much that she only got in […]

Homewood Driveway Repair Allows Kids to Play Ball

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A1 Concrete was scheduled to do a concrete driveway repair in Homewood, Illinois. The homeowner had a family of four boys. The boys loved playing basketball in the driveway, but the current concrete driveway had several sunken slabs, which made playing basketball a challenge. They only had one choice when they decided they needed the […]

Professional Concrete Driveway Repair Exceeds Expectations

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We were out doing a concrete driveway repair for a customer, Todd Burgess, in Chicago. Todd’s driveway was starting to develop cracks. We gave Todd a bid, and he immediately hired us. We arrived and began to repair the driveway. There were quite a few cracks, and left unrepaired, the driveway would need a total […]