Chicago Foundation Repair Puts Wicker Park Lot Back Together

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A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair was contacted by a landlord recently about doing some foundation repair in Chicago. The Chicago landlord had used our services in the past to level a small parking lot in an alley that was attached to one of his business. He was so impressed with our past services that […]

Former Postman’s Tinley Park Foundation Repair

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A1 Concrete received a call from a homeowner in Tinley Park. The homeowner is a former postal service worker. He had just had some landscaping done at his home and noticed a crack in his foundation. He called the company he knew was the number one for concrete repair Tinley Park had to offer. The retiree […]

Palos Park Family Room Levels Foundation

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We were out in Palos Park, IL to service one of our customers, Mark. He had a serious condition occurring in his father’s home that needed immediate attention. The family room and living room had become unleveled and needed to be leveled with our level and foundation repair process. We gave him the bid, and […]

Chicago Concrete Foundation Repairs Hazardous Steps

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We were out in Chicago West to service a customer who called because her stairs had become uneven, and quite dangerous. Not only is an unsightly eye sore for a home, but uneven stairs can be very hazardous and dangerous, too. We provided her with a free detailed proposal for her stairs, and she scheduled […]

What Questions Should I Ask A Contractor Who Is Going To Fix My Concrete?

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Choosing a concrete contractor isn’t as easy as you may think. Of course, you can open the phone book and hire the first contractor you see, but will this contractor be qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable in concrete? Do they have your best interests in mind? Knowing the right questions to ask a contractor will ensure […]

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Home’s Foundation?

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The cost to repair a home’s foundation can vary and is determined by a professional inspection of a home owner’s foundation. If a contractor gives you a final price over the phone without analyzing your foundation, then they are not an honest and reliable contractor. The foundation of the home could have additional problems other […]

How Can I tell if My House has a Bad Foundation?

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  Knowing the early warning signs of a bad foundation can prevent costly repairs in the future. The sooner you identify any potential foundation problems, the less it will cost and easier it will be to fix. There are several signs that a homeowner should be looking for to see if their home has a […]

How Do You Repair A Home’s Foundation?

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When a homeowner hears there may be a foundation issue with their home, it is normal to have feelings of fear. Foundation problems are a major concern, but there are ways to repair home foundation issues. Tearing down the entire home is not necessary. Homeowners just need to get as much information as they can […]