Homeowners need Top Concrete Floor Leveling in Joliet

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Not long ago A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair was contacted by homeowners in Joliet. The family in Joliet had a dangerously uneven basement floor. The parents were very concerned that the uneven basement floor would eventually cause heavy damage to their home’s structure and they had put off having it fixed, because they thought […]

Cement Repair for Joliet Perfectionist

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An English teacher became fixated with maintaining his home because he really wanted to sell the home so he could leverage his finances for a better property. He had been living in the house, which was an older home, for several years, but he had been really trying hard to maintain it, so he could […]

Leveling & Foundation Repair in Joliet

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In the city of Joliet, IL, our crew took care of a client in need who was referred to us by a previous client. We injected the A-1 pumping compound underneath the concrete, and lifted the sunken sidewalk & driveway back to their original positions. This corrected the apron’s sever angle and large step at […]