Municipal Project Tinley Park Concrete Lifting

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A public park needed to have concrete lifting in Tinley Park so that one of the play courts would be repaired. One of the park directors was really started to become concerned with the play courts, because he didn’t want any child or resident to become injured, so he called A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation […]

Former Postman’s Tinley Park Foundation Repair

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A1 Concrete received a call from a homeowner in Tinley Park. The homeowner is a former postal service worker. He had just had some landscaping done at his home and noticed a crack in his foundation. He called the company he knew was the number one for concrete repair Tinley Park had to offer. The retiree […]

Tinley Park Concrete Leveling Makes Dramatic Improvement

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We were called out to give service to a customer in Tinley Park, Illinois. It is a good thing that the customer called us when he did, because his porch had sunk six inches, and the driveway and sidewalk had a concrete issues. We arrived ten minutes before our scheduled time, and begun to start […]