A1 Concrete Leveling Specializes in Commercial and Industrial Repairs

Do you have a business with uneven or sunken concrete? If so, we can fix your concrete using our patented system, and we can save your business 50-90% off the cost of tearing out and replacing the concrete.

Common Applications

Lifting Interior Warehouse Floors

Even large warehouses can have sunken concrete issues.  Whether it is a large or small floor, we can lift it for you!

Filling Voids Underneath Concretes Slab Floors

Warehouses and showroom floors, just like all concrete slabs, can eventually develop voids underneath them.  We can fill those voids before they damage the concrete slabs!

Lifting and Stabilizing Building Foundations

Even commercial buildings may have foundation issues.  We can help!  Please review our information on bowed walls and foundation repair.

Correcting Uneven and Sunken Sidewalks for Townships, Storefronts, and Restaurants

We can lift your sidewalks or any type of slab concrete to remove trip hazards.  Minimize your liability and reduce your risk exposure!

We Have Even Lifted and Leveled Airport Runways!

A1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation does it all!


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