Concrete Level Chicago is the Right Price

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A parking lot company owner contacted A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation two weeks ago. He said that he one of his Chicago parking spaces had become extremely uneven after some utility work was done by the city. He said that he had been receiving a ton of phone calls from the retail tenants in the adjoining property complaining saying that their customers are also complaining to them because of the level of disrepair the concrete was in. He didn’t want to disappoint his customers, and he asked around to friends for the best concrete level Chicago business owners turned to, and they all recommended A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation.

The A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation professionals arrived at the parking lot, and looked over the parking space. Unfortunately, concrete can become uneven after work is done nearby, but we let the owner know that we are the number one concrete leveling company in the business, and we would be able to have the concrete leveled for him. We went to work on the leveling process, and by late afternoon the parking space was back in great working order, and completely level. It could be used immediately. The customer was impressed with our quality craftsmanship, and said that he now knows who he can depend on for concrete level Chicago parking lots need, A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation. He said we were able to provide him with quick, effective, and affordable work that he needed done.

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