A1: The Trusted Concrete Leveling Company for Joliet, IL

A1 has been concrete leveling Joliet sidewalks, driveways and homes for years. Concrete leveling is a cost effective solution for uneven concrete slabs. Common concrete leveling projects include driveways, sidewalks, garage floors, and patios, but pretty much anywhere that has concrete slabs can be leveled.

Concrete leveling, sometimes called “mudjacking”, is a permanent solution for concrete that has become uneven. Cement that is left uneven for long periods of time can either a) get worse b) begin to effect surrounding concrete or construction, or c) both! A1 employees are knowledgable about concrete leveling Joliet Il concrete. Give us a call if you have any questions about your concrete issue.

Concrete Leveling Joliet: Services Offered

Driveway Leveling: A1’s leveling procedure can save you 50-90% off of the cost of replacing the same driveway. Bonus feature, you can drive on your newly leveled driveway almost immediately after we level it!

Sidewalk Leveling: A1 has been concrete leveling Joliet sidewalks for years. Leveling sidewalks has a number of advantages over replacement, namely cost and convenience. Our method of concrete leveling Joliet sidewalks is quick, less messy than replacement, and will cost you about half as much.

Porch/Stoop Leveling: If your porch or stoop has settled and made an uneven floor that is a major risk for further damage to occur to your home. Our concrete leveling procedure can stabilize your porch and save you from costly repairs down the road.

Concrete step leveling: Joliet has some pretty old homes. Often times we see the foundation of stairs begin to sink, creating uneven steps or separation from the house. Give us a call, we have been concrete leveling Joliet stairs and steps for a long time, we can help!

Slabjacking: The Most Common Form of Concrete Leveling Joliet, IL

Slabjacking has been around for years. Originally, it was often called “mudjacking”, because a muddy substance was pushed underneath the concrete slab to lift it up. Today, when we do concrete leveling projects in Joliet we don’t use mud, but rather a patented compound that provides much more consistent results than mud mixtures.

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