A1: Affordable Concrete Repair in Homer Glen

If you have uneven concrete slabs in your sidewalks, walkways, driveways, or garage floors you basically have two choices, 1) tear out and replace the concrete, or 2) repair and level the concrete so it fits back into place at the half the cost! The choice is pretty obvious. Our method of what some have called “mudjacking” over the years have become more efficient and affordable. Uneven concrete slabs reduce the strength of all the slabs, increasing the chance that you will eventually have to tear out and replace a cracked slab. You can avoid that by having your Homer Glen concrete project repaired by us!

Concrete Repair Services Offered in Homer Glen

Sidewalk Repair: We drill small (about 5/8 inch) hole into the sidewalk and force our special compound underneath the slab to lift it to it’s original level. It’s non-obtrusive and the sidewalk can be walked on almost immediately.

Driveway and Garage Floor Repair: When larger slabs need to be repaired, we drill a few holes, each smaller than an inch in diameter, and pump up the slab with our own compound.

Foundation Repair: In our experience with Homer Glen concrete repair, we sometimes come across a concrete foundation of a house or garage that has slightly sunken down. We can fix that! Give us a call and let us know about your situation.

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