A1: Concrete Repair Homewood, IL Can Trust

If you don’t need to have your concrete slabs replaced, save the money and have them repaired by our professionals.  For really serious issues, you will probably need to replace your concrete.  But, for lots of smaller concrete repair issues, like uneven concrete slabs, we can fix that without pouring new concrete.  We are America’s largest concrete repair company.

We use a method called slabjacking to help level and repair your concrete.  It can actually save you roughly 50-90% of the cost of having to replace concrete.  If your slab is still intact, call us, and one of our friendly professionals will be happy to walk you through what we will do for you.

Concrete Repair Services Offered in Homewood

Sidewalk Repair: Don’t let your uneven sidewalk be the trip hazard that haunts your dreams with a lawsuit!  Just get it repaired by one of our professionals.  It’s really easy and we can walk you through exactly what we will do when we give you an estimate.

Driveway and Garage Floor Repair: A lot of driveways become uneven in relation to the foundation of the garage over the years because they are often put in at different times and they lie on different types of soil.  We can lift even giant concrete slabs so your driveway and garage floor are back on level terms. 

Foundation Repair: Sometimes even the foundation of your house will become uneven, causing a medley of issues.  If you’ve started to notice doors in your house aren’t closing like they used to, or cracks in the walls where they meet the ceiling give us a call and we will be happy to help you!

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