Concrete Repair Palos Park: A1 is your Reliable, Family Owned company

Palos Park is a great community filled with beautiful landscapes and beautiful homes.  For years A1 has been doing concrete repair in Palos Park to help it stay that way.  Crooked and uneven concrete slabs can make a home or business look neglected.  That’s okay, it happens.  We can help you get that concrete slab in your driveway, sidewalk, walkway, or curb back to looking like it did when it was new.  Our method is actually quite simple, it just takes a little precision, one of our machines, and our patented compound to help lift the cement slab.  Did we mention that our method can save you 50-90% off the cost of replacing the concrete!

Concrete Repair Services in Palos Park

Sidewalks: In a strange way, sidewalks are an underrated aspect of a person’s first impression of your property.  If your sidewalk, walkway or patio has become uneven over the years, give us a call for a free estimate and get your property looking top notch.

Driveways: Soil in flat landscapes can have poor draining, occasionally causing large pieces of concrete, like the ones in your driveway to sink.  We can fix that right up, and you’ll be able to park on it the same day!

Foundation Repair: A slightly tilted house due to foundation sinking may seem hardly noticeable, but the fact remains you have a crooked house, and it’s not going to fix itself.  Our method of “Piering” is a simple and effective way to permanently put your house on level ground again.

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