A1 Offers No Hassle Concrete Repair in Tinley Park

It’s not uncommon for the concrete slabs in our Tinley Park sidewalks, driveways, garages, curbs, and even home foundations to become uneven over time.  If left along, the chances are that they will keep shifting and eventually crack.  When the concrete cracks it will need to be replaced, which is expensive and can be a bit of a hassle.

We can get that concrete leveled out for you with very little hassle to your daily life.  Our process is not complicated, with a few precision holes, the right tools, and the right experience our workers can get your concrete slab back on level ground again.  Call us if you have questions about any of your concrete repair Tinley Park project.

Concrete Repair Services Offered in Tinley Park

Sidewalks: Don’t let your sidewalk become a hazard for someone (particularly elderly people).  At a fraction of the cost of replacing the cement, and a really small fraction of any possible lawsuit from a person that falls, we can have your cement looking great and perfectly flat.

Driveways: If your driveway is sunken or slanted, it’s not going to fix itself.  Eventually an uneven driveway slab will just cause more damage.  Will a few precision holes and our fancy tools we can have that driveway fixed right up for a fraction of the cost of what it could cost in new construction.

Foundation: If your home’s foundation is slanted or sinking, we can literally lift it up for a permanent fix.  Call us and tell us about your situation, we’ll let you know what your options are.

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