Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use A1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair?

A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair can save you 50%-90% off the cost of concrete replacement.  We are leaders of the concrete leveling industry, not only technologically with our patented hydraulic equipment, patented processes, superior quality materials, and smaller drilled hole size, but with our superior customer service, higher quality results, and reliable warranty.  You will be pleased that you chose A-1 to level your concrete, fix your foundation, or straighten your bowed wall.

What is concrete leveling?

Concrete leveling (also known as “concrete lifting”, “mudjacking”, or “slabjacking”) is the process in which a slab of concrete is lifted via pumping material underneath the slab at pressure.

How does concrete leveling work??

We drill a series of 1 inch holes in the concrete and hydraulically pump limestone slurry into the holes.  This slurry fills any voids underneath and lifts the concrete upward and back into place.  A more in depth description can be found here.

What sorts of concrete can be lifted?

Any concrete slab can be lifted, indoor and outdoor.

How large are the holes you drill in the existing concrete?

We drill 1 inch holes.  The holes are hardly noticeable once the job is complete and the holes are filled.

What is the material pumped underneath the concrete?

We use fine aglime (agricultural lime.)  For all practical purposes, this is powdered limestone mixed with hammer milled stone.

Is the material you pump hazardous?

Absolutely not!  Farmers actually use aglime as fertilizer in grazing pastures!

Do I have to be home for you to lift my concrete?

In general, you do not need to be home while we work.  As long as we have access to the job site as well as access to a functioning water spigot and electrical socket, we can work independently.

How does concrete leveling increase the value of my home?

Lifting the concrete will not only improve the aesthetics of a home, but it will remove trip hazards.  Once the concrete is lifted back into place, potential home buyers will not negatively cost adjust the property’s purchase price due to the need to replace the concrete after purchase.  In addition, any cost adjustment for replacing concrete is much larger than the cost of hiring us to lifting the concrete.

How long should I wait until I can walk or drive on the concrete after it is lifted?

In general, you can walk or drive on the concrete right away.

How is lifting my concrete instead of replacing my concrete going to save me money?

Lifting the concrete will save you 50%-90% off the cost of replacement.  Concrete leveling is a much less expensive alternative to concrete replacement.

How long does concrete leveling last?

Concrete leveling will last years!

How can I prevent my concrete from settling in the future?

The most common cause of concrete settling is due to water erosion.  Once the concrete is lifted back into place, caulking cracks on the surface of the concrete and appropriately grading the soil around the concrete are the most common steps to avoiding a recurring problem.

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

We offer a 1 year guarantee on all concrete leveling work!

How does your foundation piering system work?

Our quad power piering system is not only state of the art, but also time proven.  We attach bracket piers to the structures’ footer, and with steel pipe we push a ‘slotted bullet’ into the ground.  At pressure, the ‘bullet’ then releases and the slotted pipe is allowed to expand.  This structure is then lifted and/or stabilized using bottle jacks, and the pipe is then locked down and shored with concrete.  This patented system allows for the surface area of a helical system while retaining the structural rigidity of a standard push pier system.  A more in depth description can be found here.

How long will your piering system last?

Our quad power piering system was designed to last the life of the structure.

How can piering improve the value of my home?

Many homes with foundation issues are not marketable until the issue is resolved.  A-1’s patented quad power piering system is the best system on the market, and will stabilize the foundation again making the structure marketable.

What caulk do you use to seal concrete cracks?

In general we use limestone/grey colored Sonolastic SL1 (self leveling 1) for horizontal areas, and Sonolastic NP1 for vertical areas.  These are both polyurethane concrete caulks and are both available in a variety of colors. 

How long does concrete leveling take to do?

While this can vary widely on each particular job, usually leveling takes no more than 1/3 – 1 day.

When you drill holes in the concrete how do you reseal them?

We push a ¼ inch long piece Backer Rod about 1 inch into the hole.  This allows for weather related expanding or contracting.  We then cap the hole with a quick dry concrete grout.  This grout dries in less than 2 hours.

How do you fix bowed walls?

We excavate to remove the earth on the outside of the bowed wall.  The wall is then pushed back into upright position using jacks and knee braces.  The wall is then strengthened with concrete and rebar.  The excavated earth is then backfilled, and the jacks are removed from the wall.  Once this process is complete, the wall is has a higher straight rating than it did when it was built!  A more in depth description can be found here.