A1: Quality Foundation Repair For Homewood, IL

Foundations can cause major headaches if they are starting to deteriorate.  A small crack has the ability to turn into a big problem if not taken care of.  The type of crack or foundation issue you have will determine what we can do for you.  Our professionals will inspect your home, look at your situation, recommend a service and possibly other small preventative measures to ensure damage doesn’t occur again.  For example, adjusting the type of soil in a particular area, or installing a gutter in a certain place can make a big difference over years of harsh Illinois weather.

 Services for Foundation Repair in Homewood, IL

Foundation Crack Repair-  From stress cracks to full blown mature cracks A1 has you covered.  Give us a call and describe your situation and we’ll work to come up with a solution that works for you.

Foundation Support Systems-  A1 has a unique pier system to assist in supporting compromised foundations.  A1 has developed an advanced piering system that will give your foundation permanent support.  There are a variety of ways to pier your foundation.  Give us a call and we’ll figure out a solution that works for you!

For a full list of concrete repairs we offer in Homewood click here.