A1 specializes in Foundation Repair in Joliet, IL

A1 has a long history of serving the homes of Joliet, IL.  We have worked on just about every type of foundation related problem in Joliet.  From small stress cracks to stabilization support systems we have seen just about everything which is why we are the perfect company to fix your foundation problem.  Please give us a call for a free estimate today!

Foundation Repair Services offered in Joliet, Il

Foundation Crack Repair –  Crack repair is the most common foundation problem we see in Joliet.  When cracks and flaws in your foundation are detected, it is important to contact us at A1 as soon as possible.  We want the structure of your house to sustain for your safety and enjoyment, so we work to straighten and strengthen the damaged wall. We work to excavate the entire wall, which relieves pressure and enables us to straighten the wall and correct the cause of cracking.

Foundation Support –  Our unique Pier System will assist in supporting your foundation.  We have worked to combine two different types of pier systems – the Helical Pier and the Push Pier – into one system called the Quad Power Pier.  By combining the two piers, we are able to be extremely efficient by completing the job with greater surface area and depth.

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