A1: your foundation repair experts in Palos Park

A1 has been serving the Palos area for years.  The foundation repair experts at our company can handle any job from stress cracks to bowed walls and support issues.  Foundation problems only get worse with time so please call today for a free estimate and one of our professionals can provide affordable solutions.

There are some clues to find out if your house’s foundation is beginning to sink or become uneven.  One clue is if a door suddenly starts jamming or having a hard time closing.  If you can visibly see any horizontal cracks in your foundation or in your walls there is a good chance you have an foundation issue that should be prepared.

Foundation Repair Services Offered in Palos Park, IL by A1

Foundation Crack Repair- From big to small we take care of all sizes of cracks in your foundation.  If you see any cracks in your foundation call A1 and describe the crack to us.  The size, direction, and shape of the crack can mean different things for your foundation.  Horizontal lines can be more serious, while small staircase shaped cracks can sometimes be filled with epoxy as a temporary solution that will keep moisture out of the foundation.

Foundation Support-  Add additional support to your homes foundation through our pier system.  When your foundation is in need for more serious repair, we will come out and survey your property and walk you through your options.  One option we offer that many other services do not, is the QuadPower Pier.  “Piering” is a common foundation leveling solution, but our QuadPower Pier is an all-around solid and permanent solution.  Call us today to talk about your foundation repair needs.

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