A1 is Tinley Park’s Trusted Foundation Repair Company

Tinley Park has long been part of A1’s service area.  We have been providing the quality foundation repair Tinley Park homes and businesses rely on.  Our foundation repair specialist have worked on all types of jobs in Tinley Park.  From minor crack repair to structural and support problems A1 has seen it all.  Give us a call today for a free estimate.

A1 Foundation Repair Company- Services offered in Tinley Park, Il

Below is a list of foundation repair services that we offer in Tinley Park.  Please click any of the links to see more information on the service you are looking for.

Foundation Crack Repair –  The type of crack in your foundation is a good indicator of the type of foundation issue you have.  Some cracks can be filled with a compound that will keep water out, preventing further damage.  On the other hand, some cracks indicate a more serious foundation issue.

Foundation support – Put your house on sure footing!  You’re probably thinking, “moving the foundation of my house? That’s a huge job!”  And you’d be right. It is a huge job, and not the type of job you want to leave to someone who might not be experienced, or may not have great equipment for the job.  Foundation repair should be permanent fix, and it should be done right the first time.  Give us a call if you think you might need our help.

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