A1: Trusted For All Homer Glen Mudjacking or Slabjacking Jobs

A1 has been working with Homer Glen residents for over a decade on their concrete leveling needs.  Our method is to actually lift the cement that has sunk into the ground by injecting a patented compound under the concrete slab. Leveling, or lifting, concrete is far less expensive than digging out and replacing concrete all together. It also creates less of a disturbance to surrounding construction or adjacent concrete slabs.

Concrete leveling has proven extremely use for Homer Glen residents, as many of the homes there have fairly new, large concrete driveways.We have extensive experience with Homer Glen concrete leveling projects. It is easily the most cost effective and efficient way to fix uneven concrete that is still intact. Our concrete lifting method is a permanent solution that can get your driveway, sidewalk, stairs or floor back on level ground again.

Homer Glen Mudjacking Services Offered

  • Driveways: Large driveways with multiple slabs of concrete are very popular in Homer Glen, if one of those concrete slabs starts to sink, the rest of the slabs are now in jeopardy of shifting or chipping. Having a slab lifted is cost effective and can help you avoid possible replacement, which is much more expensive and much more intensive.
  • Sidewalks/Walkways: If you have a slanted walkway that you constantly trip over, or maybe a slab that causes a hazard when snow and ice are on the ground, A1 can help you out. We have been involved in all types of projects regarding Homer Glen concrete leveling.
  • Stairways/Steps: Slanted steps right in front of your house? It isn’t an uncommon thing to have happen over the years. To the right and left of a home’s front steps are very common places to have plants which get watered regularly, causing changes in the soil, sometimes resulting in the sinking or slanting of front steps. We can help fix that!

Slabjacking/Mudjacking: The Preferred Homer Glen Concrete Leveling Method

Today, we call our method Slabjacking.  In the past, it was often referred to as “mudjacking”.  It’s a fairly simple method in which we drill small holes in a cement slab and pump our liquid compound (which hardens) underneath the slab and raise it to make it level. The method is great because it’s a permanent fix, it is not nearly as expensive as replacing concrete, and it is not messy. In fact, most slabjacking jobs can be walked on, or even driven on within 24 hours.

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