How Do You Repair A Home’s Foundation?

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When a homeowner hears there may be a foundation issue with their home, it is normal to have feelings of fear. Foundation problems are a major concern, but there are ways to repair home foundation issues. Tearing down the entire home is not necessary. Homeowners just need to get as much information as they can and they will be able to have the foundation of their home repaired without breaking the bank.

If you start seeing signs of a foundation problem, then it is time to call a professional. Some of the signs to look for around your home are cracks in the walls, doors that will not close properly, or water in your basement or crawl space. These are definite signs that your home may have a foundation issue. Homes that have foundation problems will only get worse as it can lead to an unsafe home and irreparable damage.

How Do You Repair A Home?There are two common techniques that are used for repairing a home’s foundation. These methods include piering and slabjacking. The piering process involves a professional using supports underground that lift and support the concrete of the foundation. The professional will dig several feet into the ground where the pier will be placed under the foundation of your home. The pier will be raised up and lift the foundation back to the original location. This will stabilize and hold your foundation in place.

Slabjacking is another foundation repair that can be done. Slabjacking is a mixture of grout ingredients that are pumped into the area under the foundation concrete. The slabjacking mixture will float the homes foundation back to the original spot. Slabjacking is a very effective way to repair a foundation, but if there are any additional shifts in the structure or the soil that the structure is situated on, it could be ineffective. Piering is a more reliable repair option and is also a permanent solution to a faulty foundation.

A home’s foundation is the base and structure of the home. Having any issues with the foundation is a problem that cannot wait to be repaired. The unstable foundation can make your home very unsafe. Waiting to fix a foundation issue can cost a homeowner more money; the longer the problem waits to be fixed, the more it will cost. If there are any signs that your home has a foundation problem, call a professional immediately to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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