A1: Repair Your Concrete to It’s Original Level

Slanted and tilted concrete slabs make your house look shabby and ignored.  It’s like having a picture on your wall that is crooked all day ever day. In our experience, a lot of people with Joliet concrete repair projects think you have to replace concrete slabs when they become loose and uneven, but that’s not necessarily true.

“Mudjacking” or “Slabjacking” was a technique developed a little less than a century ago in which a mud/limestone mixture was pressure poured through a small hole in the slab, thus lifting the slab back into it’s original position.

Today we use a similar method, but the techniques, mixtures, and efficiency of the process has come a long ways since the first Mudjacking.  Our method can save the average customer between 50-90% off the cost of replacing the same concrete.

Joliet Concrete Repair Services Offered

Driveways: It’s not uncommon that when a driveway is installed the soil beneath it is not compacted properly.  Over time a portion of the driveway dips, causing puddles (which is not good for the longevity of concrete).  Call us if your concrete driveway has puddles or is becoming uneven.

Sidewalks: Whether it is the actual concrete sidewalk slab, or a concrete street curb that has become uneven from it’s brothers, we can lift it right back into place without tearing up the whole sidewalk to replace it.

Foundation Repair:  Joliet homes often have concrete foundations.  Over time they can sink, causing a corner of your house to be slightly lower than other parts.  A1 has worked on numerous Joliet concrete repair projects that involve lifting concrete foundations over the years.  If you give us a call we can talk about the options for your Joliet concrete repair project.

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