Leveling & Foundation Repair in Joliet

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In the city of Joliet, IL, our crew took care of a client in need who was referred to us by a previous client. We injected the A-1 pumping compound underneath the concrete, and lifted the sunken sidewalk & driveway back to their original positions. This corrected the apron’s sever angle and large step at the stoop, and also removed the driveway’s speed bump in front of the garage. This part of the stoop was a part of a sidewalk leading to the driveway and was done 6-8 inches on one side. This caused a severe angle when walking, and an extremely large step up to the stoop which could have also been a safety hazard. Additionally, two very large sections of the driveway connected to the sidewalk were down 3-4 inches. This caused a speed bump when pulling into the garage. Once we fixed the problem, we were praised by the homeowner who was “pleased with our timeliness and pride the crew took in their work.” They were also happy because of the aesthetic improvements this made and joked that they may drive through the back of their garage now that there is no speed bump! We were also very happy to work with this family to fix their problem and put a smile on their faces!

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