A1: Homewood’s Trusted Mudjacking Company

Concrete leveling is a really great alternative to tearing up an uneven slab, leveling the ground, and putting a slab into place.  Out employees have performed hundreds of concrete leveling jobs, which is a great benefit to you because they can perform most jobs quickly, and leave your property looking great.

A1 has been concrete leveling Homewood properties for years.  We are one of the oldest concrete leveling companies in the United States.  If you have some uneven concrete slabs, we can help you before they crack and become a bigger headache!

Mudjacking Homewood Properties – Services Offered

Driveway Leveling: Even really large driveway concrete can be leveled with out method.  If you have a slab that seems to have shifted, give us a call.  Driving on a concrete slab that has shifted can cause bigger problems down the road, like cracked concrete.

Sidewalk Leveling: If you walk out of your house every morning on your way to work and trip over a piece of concrete that has shifted up, you need to call us.  You might catch your balance in time most mornings, but eventually someone’s luck is going to run out.  We have an affordable solution to get you back on solid ground.

Porch/Stoop Leveling: It’s fairly common for porches or stoops to become uneven after years harsh Homewood weather.  We can help get that porch level again, before it effects the rest of the house.

Concrete step leveling: Concrete steps can become slanted because they are often times put in at a different time than the rest of the foundation, which can lead to soft soil and leveling issues.  We can help you, give us a call.

Slabjacking: The Most Popular Form of Concrete Leveling Homewood, IL

Slabjacking is the preferred method that we use to level concrete slabs, both large and small. Our employees are all very well trained in the method.  Slabjacking consists of drilled a couple small holes strategically into the slab of concrete that needs leveling.  Then, we shoot a foamy compound underneath the concrete slab.  Once underneath the slab, the compound begins to harden creating a level and solid foundation for the concrete slab.  It’s a permanent solution, that can save you a lot of money over replacing the entire slab.

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