A1: Professional Mudjacking Oak Lawn, IL

There are infinite ways that concrete slabs can become uneven. Whatever has caused your concrete to become uneven, possibly creating a walking hazard, or potentially creating a bigger (more expensive) problem, we can fix it. A1 has been concrete leveling Oak Lawn properties for over a decade.

While Oak Lawn is a beautiful place, it is a tough place for concrete slabs to live. Between flooding, ice and snow, and seasonal changes it’s not uncommon for concrete slabs to shift and tilt. We’ve developed a system that is inexpensive, permanent, and environmentally friendly to get your concrete back on level ground

Mudjacking Services in Oak Lawn

Driveways: No job too big. Our method of lifting concrete is unobtrusive, and you can drive on the cement the same day that we finish the project! We have been concrete leveling Oak Lawn driveways for over ten years. Give us  call!

Sidewalks: No job too small. Tilted or slanted sidewalk slabs are a hazard. If your slab is on a high traffic walkway such as your front or back walkways, slanted slabs eventually will crack. That means a much more expensive fix and chances are the new cement slab will be a different color than the existing slab.

Steps: With the tough environment for concrete in Oak Lawn, steps in front of houses can sink on one side, creating a really unattractive look, and possibly a slippery hazard in the winter!

Slabjacking: The Preferred Method of Concrete Leveling Oak Lawn Concrete

To get Oak Lawn concrete slabs level again, we use a method called Slabjacking (formerly known as mudjacking). Small holes are drilled into the slab, usually less than 1″ in diameter. Through those holes we pressure pump a patented compound underneath the concrete slab. The compound lifts the concrete slab until it is level again, followed by filling in of the holes.

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