Orland Concrete Restoration and Repair is Appreciated by Longtime Tenant

Posted in: Leveling & Foundation, Orland Park- Oct 26, 2015 No Comments

A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation was called the other day for an unusual job. A working artist wanted to do a concrete restoration and repair in Orland for a studio. The artist had worked in an old warehouse for years and years, and didn’t want to change studios, because some of his best work and inspiration was at that location. The A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation crew arrived at the warehouse to inspect and look over the current concrete.

The A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation crew noticed that the concrete was in dire need of attention as the concrete was not level in one particular area, and some of the concrete had even started crumbling. We assured the artists that we could restore and repair the concrete for him. Our knowledgeable crew arrived Monday morning to start the concrete restoration and repair Orland resident’s contact. It took our crew nearly a week, but we were able to successfully complete this unusual project. We were able to restore the concrete surrounding the building so that the warehouse could still be accessed to this day, and the artist can continue to create his sculptures and paintings. The customer was anxiously awaiting the completion of the project, and was elated that we had done such a fine job so quickly. He said that if he ever needs any additional concrete restoration and repairs in the future, then he would contact A1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation.

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