Orland Park Apron Repair

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Your Sunken Concrete May Be Home to Animals!

Besides safety issues, another problem that many homeowners run into when they have sunken concrete is animals. Animals need shelter, and they find their new home under the gap between your stoop and the sidewalk by your front door – yet another reason to give us a call to repair your concrete!

Orland Park Apron Repair

Our client in Orland Park had this very problem, and they made the right first step in working to repair it by giving us a call. We were able to lift their front walkway right before their stairs, as there was a very large step up to the front door and animals were living under the slab. Our client was extremely satisfied with our work, claiming that the “finished product looks much better than the sidewalk a different company did further up the street. Thank god the ground squirrels are gone!”

10-24 Orland Park Post before 210-24 Orland Park Post after 2



Before                                                                             After


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