A1: A Quality Orland Park Concrete Repair Company

A little less than a century ago masons invented a method for lifting sunken concrete slabs, they called it “mudjacking”.  We’ve come a long way since the technique was first invented, but the general concept is the same.  For Orland Park concrete repair jobs that involve lifting a slab of concrete, we drill a small hole in the slab and then force our patented compound underneath the cement.

It’s a somewhat simple process that takes precision and the right cementing compound to go underneath.  Our method can save our customers 50-90% of the cost it would take to replace the concrete.  Also, our employees are experienced when it comes to Orland Park concrete repair projects, so they won’t tear up your yard or property when performing the process.

Orland Park Concrete Repair Services Offered

Driveway Repair: Orland Park concrete driveway repair is one of our specialties.  If you have a concrete driveway slab that has moved from it’s original position, give us a call and we can talk about repair options.

Sidewalk Repair: When sidewalks are crooked and shifted, it can be dangerous for the people who walk on it and it can really effect the overall appearance of your house.  Give us a call to get an estimate on your Orland Park concrete repair project.

Foundation Repair: Orland Park homes are generally built on concrete foundations.  Every now and again part of that foundation can sink into the soil that has shifted.  Whatever your Orland Park concrete repair project, big or small, we’re there for you!

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