A1 Mudjacking: No job too big or small

A1 has been concrete leveling Palos Park sidewalks, driveways, home foundations and all sorts of other concrete construction for over a decade. Our company is locally owned and has been passed down from one generation to the next. We know Palos Park is renown for it’s natural beauty, which is why we focus on making concrete projects as unobtrusive as possible to the landscape.

Uneven concrete slabs can really stand out in a place like Palos Park and be an eyesore for neighbors and friends. Fortunately concrete leveling Palos Park driveways, sidewalks, home foundations and other slabs with us is really an unobtrusive procedure. Our method generally doesn’t require tearing up the land around the concrete, and driveways and sidewalks can usually be used almost immediately after we have leveled the concrete. Did we mention that leveling concrete is usually only a fraction the cost of replacing concrete!

Mudjacking Services in Palos Park

Sidewalks: If you have slanted sidewalk slabs that are still intact (not chipping or cracked) concrete leveling is the way to go. It’s far less expensive than replacing concrete and is not a complicated procedure thanks to our patented system.

Driveways: Sometimes a driveway can become slanted over time. For some, a minor inconvenience, but for lot of people this creates an unattractive sight. It can also cause drainage issues which can really be damaging in during snow thaws. Call us today for an estimate!

Stoops/Porches: Porches and stoops are notorious for sinking over the years. A1 has been concrete leveling Palos Park property for years. Having a crooked set of porch stairs, or corner of a porch that has sunk down can really effect the aesthetic appeal of your home. We can lift that porch or stoop right up to where it is supposed to be!

Slabjacking: An Effective Method for Concrete Leveling Palos Park

Slabjacking, in the basic sense, is about lifting up the sunken part of a concrete slab until it is level again. We are able to accomplish that by creating small holes in the concrete slab and then pressure pushing a liquid compound that hardens after it is pushed under the concrete. It is a great way to level concrete because it does not require tearing up the ground and causing a mess.

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