A1: Tinley Park Mudjacking Professionals

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and being easy to work with.  When it comes to Tinley Park concrete leveling projects, our method of injecting a compound underneath the concrete slabs has proven to be very effective as a permanent solution to slanted or uneven pieces of concrete.

Replacing concrete can be often be twice as much as having the concrete lifted.  Also, by having your driveway, sidewalk, or house’s foundation lifted you avoid a few other inconveniences in addition to saving money.  For one, concrete leveling is pretty unobtrusive compared to concrete replacement.  After being lifted, your cement can be walked on almost immediately, and driven on within 24 hours.  We generally do not have to disrupt any of the surrounding landscape or adjacent concrete for the procedure.  And, by simply lifting the concrete instead of replacing it, you avoid having one concrete slab that is a different color than all the rest!

Tinley Park Slabjacking Services Offered

Driveways: We have worked on many Tinley Park concrete leveling projects over the years, including a lot of driveways.  A driveway is a big investment, if one of your slabs is showing signs of sinking, have us come out and take a look at it.  It could save you a lot of money down the road if that piece were to crack or start chipping.

Sidewalks: A really common sidewalk or walkway issue is the sinking of the slab at the end of the walkway because it doesn’t always have the support  that the other slabs have.  If that piece begins to sink, other pieces begin to run the risk of sinking as well.  Give us a call to take a look at your Tinley Park concrete leveling project.

Stairs: It’s not uncommon for stairs leading outside to become slanted over the years.  Unfortunately when this happens, it is very obvious from the street.  Replacing stairs is expensive, and a pain.  We can simply lift those stairs back into their original position.  Call us to see if we can help you.

Slabjacking Tinley Park

Slabjacking is the industry standard for leveling the majority of concrete slabs.  In the past slabjacking was commonly called mudjacking.  The process is pretty much the same, but the technology and materials have become more advanced. The process consists of drilled small holes in the cement slab, which we then shoot a solidifying compound through, pushing up the cement and creating a solid, level foundation for the concrete slab.

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